CSI and Benefits

Corporate Social Investment

Smile Foundation has a multifaceted CSI Programme whereby corporates and individuals can get involved in a number of ways. Our CSI activities branch out to corporate volunteer programmes, direct donations and fundraising events. By aligning your organisation with Smile Foundation you are investing in the future of South Africa’s children. Our joint efforts will positively affect children’s lives and enable disadvantaged children to face the world with a positive self-image. Together we can transform lives one smile at a time.
PBO 930 030 006
NPO 063/498

Why Partner with Smile Foundation?

  • Our governance is overseen by our Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Mr Marc Lubner, Medical Director and Co-founder Professor George Psaras, and a Board of Directors.
  • Our NPO is audited by Papilsky Hurwitz Chartered Accountants.
  • Smile Foundation is BEE Compliant. Our Black Beneficiary Base is 93.40% and our B-BBEE SED Recognition is 100% audited by SP3 Ratings. A BEE Certificate is provided to companies for donations.
  • A Section 18A Certificate will be provided.
  • There are numerous marketing, branding and PR opportunities.
  • We offer interactive educational volunteer projects.
  • We received the Gold Health Care Award as part of the 2018 Premier’s Service Excellence Awards.
  • We received the bronze award from the Gauteng Premier’s Awards in the Innovation category
  • We were recognised by the South African National Assembly in 2019
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