Surgery for cleft lip or palate malformation is the only corrective solution to ensure that a child has the opportunity to grow into a healthy adult. The effects of a facial malformation can be difficult to endure but there is light at the end of the tunnel – this is why the team at the Smile Foundation has dedicated their lives to making sure children are able to have access to this surgery.

Offering treatment for a wide range of conditions, the Smile Foundation aims to offer solutions to children from all walks of life with surgery for cleft palate and lip anomalies, reconstructive surgery for burn victims, treatment for facial paralysis and more. The main goal is to ensure that these children have as much chance as anyone else to grow into healthy individuals without having to endure the discomfort, pain and emotional scarring that can result from some of these conditions.


Our holistic care ensures that parents and family members are educated about the conditions of their children, as well as informed about how surgery can best help them achieve the corrections they seek. Though it is the most prominent reason we do this, smile surgery is about more than just fixing physical deformities, it’s also about connecting and changing lives.

Once a physical examination has been done to determine the cause of the facial defect as well as the health of your child, the appropriate surgical procedure will be explained in detail, including what to expect after the operation is done. Some procedures are extremely simple and can take a short amount of time to perform while others, depending on the task at hand, are more complex.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do and the treatment we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Whether looking for information on surgery for cleft lip or palate procedures, or treatments for other facial malformations, our aim is to empower you and your family today.

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