Rodwell Khomazana

One night a little boy fell asleep to the sound of beautiful singing. He thought he would slip off into an amazing dream but he woke up in a nightmare. Everyone was screaming. They were screaming because they saw that he had been carried off by a scavenger into the dark. His granny fought hard. She ran into the dark and scared it off. The little boy had been hurt. He had been hurt so badly that nobody knew if they could help him. The scavenger had taken the little boys face. But a team of surgeons stepped in and said they would help him to have a new face.


There are some children’s stories that are not meant for children to hear, never mind live through. This is the story of Rodwell Nkomazana, the boy who was attacked by a hyena in the night. Not every child gets a storybook childhood. But you can help him rewrite the ending. Make a donation today and help to make his story a happier one.

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