Every child should be able to find joy, no matter their circumstances. By donating to Smile Foundation, you’ll be helping children affected by facial abnormalities and burns in South Africa. Every little bit counts towards building a better life for these kids, one that’s filled with confidence and possibility.

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Make a simple donation today to help children suffering from burns and other facial abnormalities.

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Help children in need and donate a smile each month with a monthly PayFast debit order donation.

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BRANCH # : 26-12-51

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Why Donate To Smile Foundation

A CSI initiative that also meets B-BBEE and SED requirements

  • Contributions enable education and access to the mainstream economy of SA.
  • Healthcare which eliminates learning disabilities and hinderances.
    Contributions enable a normal life and working opportunities.
  • Donations which lead to healthcare which thus enables a normal education and employment opportunities.
  • An additional individual providing their skills and participating in the economy.
  • We will provide an 18A certificate and required audit evidence.