2024-Living Life Lesedi Solani

Lesedi is an only child born to her Mom Okuhle and they are from Dal Josafat in Paarl and once again so happy to be part of the Smile journey. Born in August 2019 , with no knowledge of what she was facing her Mom was referred and happy to be at Tygerberg hospital and the Clinic advised her that she would be given a new lease on life and will be able to live her life to the fullest with a series of operations for her daughter.

Lesedi was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate and Mom struggled with feeding and always asked for assistance and looked after her baby herself as she knew she would get assistance. There were many that asked what happened to her face ( lip ) and she was constantly being looked at when she was out with Lesedi.

She had to travel to Tygerberg when she was told she is going to be assisted, but she was determined to get to the hospital so her child can be helped. Lesedi was a good baby and happy to smile for photos. In February 2020 ( just in time before COVID ) she had her Cleft Lip operation, and it was a huge success and since then  have not stopped smiling. Lesedi has grown into a lovely, smiling, reserved and amazing little lady. She is still always ready to share a smile and give a smile to whoever she meets.

When her Mom saw the pictures taken before the operation she ran to each Mom in the ward to show them the remarkable transformation that has taken place.

On 15/2/204 she came for the Cleft palate operation and Mom was once again elated. Lesedi is thriving and eats well, drinks well and plays and interacts well. She has some chronic medical issues but Mom is confident that all the issues will be dealt with and she can continue to live her life to the fullest. She loves books and playing games and always happy to interact with friends in the area. Mom is looking forward to the improvement of her speech and does daily activities with her to improve her speech and she is progressing well at the creche. Mom is thankful for the Smile Foundation and the amazing work that is making so many smile.

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