Name of Patient Procedure Progress made
Maria Fischer Bilateral Breast Reduction Doing exceptionally well , successful and happy
Leswin Felix
Naluthando Malandela Bilateral Commisuroplasty Tessier 7 Doing very well and looks very good and is happy
Tamira Figland Furlow Z- Plasty for VPI Parents are happy she is doing very well and is her normal self again
Anro Fouche 1st atage BLCLRepair Doing very well and progress has been amazing , feeding going well
Kara Huyser Insertion of R Breast Tissue expander Doing very well and is very happy and her holidays was amazing
Alister Borrels Cleft Palate repair No reply called numerous occasions
Jaxon Swanepoel BCLP repair Had a setback and had to return to RXH for an operation

Progress is good . checkup in March 2024

Clayton Slater Alveolar Bone Graft Progress is amazing and patient is speaking well
Camy-Leigh Riet Fistula Repair Mom had concerns regarding the stitches but she feels better , been to the clinic


Liche October Class 3 Fistula


There was concerns as it seems the opening is opened up again

Will check for follow up appointment

Faithline Case Cleft Lip Repair Patient has recovered very well and feeding is going well too. Check on follow up appt
Christiano Pieters Finger contracture release No reply recently , after GSW was doing very well
Franklin Bruintjies UCLP repair Operation went well , no further contact , number not in service.

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