Wyatt Driscoll

He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. His parents were very shocked and a little afraid when he was born; they didn’t know if he would ever lead a normal life with his condition.

When Wyatt was two months old, they visited Universitas Hospital. The surgeons, speech therapist, genetic specialists and a clinical psychologist explained to his parents what surgery he needed and how to feed me correctly. This helped my parents a lot!

He had my first operation in February 2017 to repair my cleft lip, and afterwards everyone thought he looked beautiful! But he still had a large cleft in his palate, which caused milk to come out of his nose.

Three months later Wyatt came back to the hospital for my next surgery. The whole team was there once again, and helped his family through my operation and post-operative care.

Surgeons managed to close up the cleft in his palate, there is still a small opening in his jawbone that allows milk through his nose.

The doctors explained that Wyatt will need another operation when he is six years old to replace part of the alveolar bone. Then he will be able to eat and drink with no problem at all!



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